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About Us

We Started this Company From more than a decade experience catering the Fire Industry, Even as of today having all the products related to fire under one roof is the biggest challenge, We are dedicated to bring all the products under one roof and giving the best and the right product with the right pricing to the Customer is our moto. This in turn will help our Growing nation, As the Contractors or End Customers need not waste their time searching the products and always negotiation for the right price.

We would like to have all the products like all types of Fire Extinguishers like, ABC Stored Pressure portable and Ceiling Mount Automatic, Co2 type Portable and mobile, Gas Cartridge type portable and mobile, HFC-236a & FE-36 Clean Agent Portable and Ceiling Mount Automatic, Mechanical Foam type portable and mobile, Water type portable and automatic, Kitchen fire portable, Co2 Flooding and Suppression system, HFC-236a & FE-36 Clean Agent Mini Suppression system for small server rooms.

All types of Fire Hydrant accessories like, Single Hydrant Valve, Double Hydrant Valve, Branch pipe, collecting breaching inlet two, three & four way, Fire hose A-Type, Hose reel drum, Hose for Hose reel drum (Rubber & Thermoplastic) Fire hose Box, Flexible sprinkler Hose Braided and Unbraided with UL & FM approval, Sprinkler bulb pendant type,

And just this is the Beginning.