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BC Gas Cartridge 6kg Fire Extinguisher Crustfire


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BC Gas Cartridge 6kg Fire Extinguisher Crustfire BC or DCP type 6 Kg Fire Extinguisher, Charge: DCP Sodium bi carbonate as per IS:4308, Propellant: CO2 Stored in ISI marked Gas Cartridge , applicable on Class B,C and electrically energized Fire, BIS Fire Rating 21B, C ISI Marked IS:15683 , Make: CRUSTFIRE

is Mostly used in the industries, where fire is very frequent, and where in house servicing is available, with trained fire extinguisher servicing technical persons,  refilling of fire extinguisher done in very simple process,  it is done by changing the gas cartridge and Dry powder, there is no pressure inside the BC gas cartridge fire extinguisher, the pressure will be in the Gas cartridge, to use the gas cartridge is opened and the pressure created in the extinguisher and the media is discharged, The Main Advantage of BC or DCP Gas Cartridge is to reduce the accidents, in big ware houses and factories, moving fork lifts, trolleys etc of accidentally may hit the fire extinguisher, if it is a stored pressure fire extinguisher, chances of getting the equipment burst or all powder coming out will be there, in this comparison BC Gas cartridge will be better option, as pressure will not be in the equipment but pressure will be inside the cartridge.

Crustfire BC Gas Cartridge 6kg Fire Extinguisher are used for B & C class of fire, B class of fire includes all the liquid matter like, diesel, petrol, kerosene, paints, thinners, solvents, and much more, C class fire is Electrically started fire, where electrical devices wires cables, transformers, electrical motors, switch boards etc,

The BC or DCP Gas Cartridge Fire Extinguisher usage is decreasing day by day, and the same is getting replaced by the ABC stored pressure, Because in the time of emergency if any gas leakage in the gas cartridge will fails the working of fore extinguisher,

where as stored pressure fire extinguisher will have pressure gauge, even a lay may can have a check if basic training is given, the gauge indicator shows the decrease in pressure, and the needle moves to red mark, upon this necessary cation can be taken. thus stored pressure is slowly replacing the BC gas cartridge fire extinguishers.