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BC Gas Cartridge Type 4kg Fire Extinguisher Minimax


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BC Gas Cartridge Type 4kg Fire Extinguisher Minimax

  • Gas Cartridge shall be 120 Grams ISI Marked IS: 4947 with CML number. Gross weight & empty weight shall be mentioned on every cartridge. BC Powder should be ISI Marked.
  • Fire Rating should be 21B.
  • Working Temperature shall be -30 degree C to +55 degree C.
  • Gross weight of a charged extinguisher shall be approx. 9 Kgs.
  • Body v be tested @35 bar & burst pressure should be more than 100 bar.
  • Siphon & diffuser tube shall be made of Aluminum to avoid corrosion & provide high performance.
  • Control Valve shall be made of Brass. And should have a spring release type pressure relief valve.
  • Two pieces deep drawn Body of MS sheet. No Vertical Weld on the body. Skirt ring to be provided on base of all fire extinguishers for long life.
  • Body Lug Welding shall be Spot welding.
  • Data Sheet to be provided along with offer copy.
  • Painting shall be as per shade no.538 of IS 5. The body should be internally and externally epoxy powder coated
  • The valve needs to have provision for pressure release through cuts on the thread.
  • Wall bracket shall be 3 point contact with wall.
  • The label shall be as per the guidelines issued by IS:15683
  • The manufacturers brand shall be mentioned on the Pressure Gauge, Operating Handle & Discharge Nozzle.
  • Every Extinguisher shall be supplied with an operating manual.
  • The packing shall be banded with packing slip for clear identification of the product and the spares within.
  • The packing shall be One Unit One Box
  • Every supply shall be accompanied with the Original Invoice and Test Certificate from the manufacturer.
  • Each cylinder is subjected to anti-corrosive coating of 7-tank process i.e. degreasing, rinsing, pickling, rinsing, phosphating and passivizing before epoxy polyester powder coating.