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Water Co2 Gas Cartridge 9ltr Fire Extinguisher Crustfire


5,499.00 4,699.00


Water Co2 Gas Cartridge 9ltr Fire Extinguisher Crustfire are made out of finest MS sheets, pressed in 150 ton hydraulic pressure, then bottom is welded using MIG welding, then neck ring is welded and treated with various acids and chemical for removing of oil and grease, and hardening, hydro pressure testing (HPT) is done, once hpt is passed this is powder coated, and water is filled, and then it is pressurized at 15 bar, and kept under water for 24 hrs for leak test, and many more tests, salt spray test, drop test, crush test,

The Main part of the the fire extinguisher is media used, media used in water fire extinguisher is water with sodium bi carbonate the discharge is 2 meter to 5 meter, and the gas used to pressurize the extinguisher is Nitrogen, As per IS:15683 the extinguisher should be in pepsi bottle style, and only one welding joint, lesser the number of welding joints, lesser the risk of leakage, once in three years the cylinders has to be hydro pressure tested,

Water CO2 type fire extinguisher 9 lts. Capacity,Stored pressure  initial filling in brand new cylinder of powder coated finish, fitted with high pressure NITROGEN Stored & wall mounting bracket etc. complete ISI Marked  Construction confirming to IS:15683.  Make: CRUSTFIRE.