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Flexible Sprinkler Hose Braided 1500mm Gilpro


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Flexible Sprinkler Hose Braided 1500mm Gilpro from GUNNEBO is UL listed & FM approved and imported from South Korea

Gunnebo India is a professional supplier of security & safety products and solutions. With 80 years of experience in the Indian market, we have unrivaled expertise in delivering secure storage, site protection, entrance control and fire extinguishing solutions. Gunnebo protects people, buildings and property, providing security for you, your employees and your customers.
GILPRO is a brand owned by Gunnebo India Private Ltd. a subsidiary of the Gunnebo AB Group, Sweden and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. It is a highly reliable and trusted brand name in fire extinguishers since 1903. With its innovative products and solutions is the most preferred fire security solution provider to the Indian market. Minimax provides varied variety of Fire Fighting


Flexible Sprinkler Hose Drop Braided 1500mm Gilpro Equipment to suit the needs of industrial, commercial and home environment. We are the 1st in India to receive the license under IS: 15683 from Bureau of Indian Standards. The product range is distributed through the channel partner network across India.


Technical Specifications for Flexible Sprinkler Hoses
Product Specification Flexible Sprinkler Hose (Unbraided) – 700 /1000MM Flexible Sprinkler Hose (Unbraided) – 1200 /1500 /1800 MM
Flexible Sprinkler Hose (Braided)  700 /1000MM Flexible Sprinkler Hose (Braided)  1200 /1500 /1800 MM
Max. Ambient Temperature 100 ̊C (150 ̊F)
Maximum pressure (200 psi)
Min Installation Bending Radius 125mm (5 inches)
Bending Angles (Flow Direction) Upto 180 ̊
Maximum number of bend per flexible hose 1 bend of 90 degrees 3 bend of 90 degrees
Bracket(S) Torque
Bracket(L) Torque
Nut + Nipple/Reducer Torque
System Wet & Dry
Inlet (Nipple) BSPT or NPT 1 ̋
Outlet (Reducer) BSPT or NPT 1/2 ̋
BSPT or NPT 3/4 ̋
Thickness of the tube 0.3mm
Material SS 304