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Hfc 236 Clean Agent 4kg ABC portable Fire Extinguisher Crustfire


18,000.00 15,999.00


Hfc 236 Clean Agent 4kg ABC portable Fire Extinguisher Crustfire consists of main key factor clean agent i.e. Clean Media, unlike powder type, water type, this will not leave any residue, it will evaporates automatically after use, hfc 236 media is very bad conductor of electricity, so there is no risk of any short circuit, when used for highly sophisticated electronics devices like server, switches, or any electronic devices, and similarly for mechanical devices, and this agent is many times more effective when compare to powder, water, or foam type of fire extinguishers,

This is expensive when compared to normal powder or water fire extinguisher, As of now there are two clean agents available in India i.e. hfc 236a & FE36, This is replacement for halon as it’s characterized by zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) factor.

This fights with all the three A B & C classes of fire, and the propellant used for pressurizing the media discharge is again nitrogen, nitrogen is the most commonly used gas for pressurizing all types of stored pressure fire extinguishers, Hfc 236a Clean Agent 4 kg ABC Fire Extinguisher

Crustfire Hfc 236 Clean Agent 4kg ABC portable Fire Extinguisher Stored Pressure Type,Working Temp:- +5oC to +55oC, Propellant: Dry Nitrogen+proprietary  HFC 236a Blend B applicable on Class A,B,C and electrically started Fire,  Make: Crustfire