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Water Co2 Store Pressure Type 9ltr Fire Extinguisher Minimax


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Water Co2 Store Pressure Type 9ltr Fire Extinguisher Minimax

  • Fire Rating shall be 3A.
  • Working Temperature shall be +5 degree C to +55 degree C.
  • Gross weight of a charged extinguisher shall be approx. 17 Kgs.
  • Body shall be tested @ 35 bars & burst pressure should be more than 100 bar.
  • Syphon tube shall be made of SS to avoid corrosion & provide high performance.
  • Control Valve shall be made of forged Brass.
  • Two pieces deep drawn Body of MS sheet. No Vertical Weld on the body. Skirt ring to be provided on base for longer life.
  • Data Sheet to be provided along with offer copy.
  • Painting shall be as per shade no.538 of IS 5. The body should be internally and externally epoxy powder coated.
  • The valve needs to have provision for pressure release through cuts on the thread for user’s safety during installation and maintenance of Fire extinguishers.
  • Wall bracket shall be 3 point contact with wall.
  • The label shall be water proof and weather proof, made of vinyl. It will be with QR code.
  • The manufacturers brand shall be mentioned on the Pressure Gauge, Operating Handle & Discharge Nozzle.
  • Every Extinguisher shall be supplied with an operating manual.
  • The packing shall be banded with packing slip for clear identification of the product and the spares within.
  • The packing shall be One Unit One Box.
  • Every supply shall be accompanied with the Original Invoice and Test Certificate from the manufacturer.
  • Each cylinder is subjected to anti-corrosive coating of 7-tank process i.e. degreasing, rinsing, pickling, rinsing, phosphating and passivizing before epoxy polyester powder coating.

MINIMAX Water Co2 Store Pressure Type 9ltr Fire Extinguisher is India’s best fire extinguisher widely accepted for it best quality, minimax is India’s first fire extinguisher company found in 1903 delivering the best of the quality till date to the customers, leading the Indian market with uncompromising quality standards setting a bench mark in the fire industry.

Minimax is a brand owned by Gunnebo India Private Ltd. a subsidiary of the Gunnebo AB Group, Sweden and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. It is a highly reliable and trusted brand name in fire extinguishers since 1903. With its innovative products and solutions is the most preferred fire security solution provider to the Indian market. Minimax provides varied variety of Fire Fighting Equipment to suit the needs of industrial, commercial and home environment. We are the 1st in India to receive the license under IS: 15683 from Bureau of Indian Standards. The product range is distributed through the channel partner network across India.