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Fire Training

Basic Fire And Safety Training:

The Training Topics covered in training are as follows:
· Fire Chemistry
· Fire Classifications
· Types of Media
· Using of Right Fire Extinguisher for right fire
· About Cooking Oil fire in kitchen
· Do’s And Don’ts
· Fire Escape and fighting tip
· Types of Fire Extinguishers
· About IS:15683:2010
· About Maintenance and Refilling As per IS:2190:2010
· This session will be followed by a practical session where participants will be operation fire extinguishers. Necessary things provided from your side is Banian or Cotton waste, 500ml of Diesel, 1 meter stick, Projector(LCD) for showing videos some tips and tricks.Time Duration is Minimum of 2 hours, Maximum up to 3 hours.




Scope of the programme:

1) This package is of 2 hours duration.
2) Survey of the whole facility which includes checking of Fire Exits, Panic Bars,
Manual Call Points, Fire Alarms and Public Address Systems.
3) Holding preliminary meeting with the client for nominating ERT
members and locating safe assembly area.
4) Holding meeting with ERT members to finalise Exit route and
procedures to evacuate personal to safe assembly area.
5) Evacuation drill.
6) Half an Hour of training in safe assembly area regarding DO’s and DON’Ts of drill
and rescue techniques during emergency followed by usage of fire extinguisher.
7) Procedure for giving all clear signal.